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Painted CHibi
.:Jjune:. by FandomTopia They will be digitally painted and with a simple bg :3
please send ref in the desc :3


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Okay so I just reached 100 watchers!!! i just want you guys to know how greatfull i am to have you guys watching me. It makes me so happy to know that there are 100+ people that like my art QwQ. So i just wanted to say, Thank you. Now for some paragraphs o the people who have helped and supported me the most.

sneakywolf117 :iconsneakywolf117: Okay so where do I begin. Sneaky, you have helped me so many times I cannot thank you enough. When nobody wanted to talk to me I could always come and talk to you and you would always listen. When I was going through VERY rough times you helped me througgh all of it. You saved my life. So for that I just want to thank you for being by BOBF. (best online freind forever) <3 

TsaoShin :icontsaoshin: OKay so eric. I want to thank you for everything basically. Your show, BSD, has helped me in so many ways. Whenever i make you fanart and You say thanks it always makes my day. The Bsd Community has helped me through so much and so have you. Whenever you stream on twitch I feel like I have to be there, becayuse if im ever in a bad mood the stream always cheers me up. :3 So I just want to thank you for being you, you big floofy werewolf. *snurgles* <3

PixieArtz :iconpixieartz: Okay so you beautiful kink artist. Thanks for always making me laugh in stream, when you draw your kink its always really kinky and funny. So just thanks for always making me laugh, cringe, and everything else XD. Say hi to edward for me XD <3

SilverSugar :iconsilversugar: Okay so I know that we dont know eachother that well but I also would like to say thank you. You always make the BSD discord happy when you come online and you just make people smile. The first time I made you fanart (it was really bad) and you liked it that much it just made me so happy. So thank you for being my freind :3. <3

Redpandawarriorgirl :iconredpandawarriorgirl: Okay so misty, I would just like to thank you for being one of my best online freinds. You always make me really happy and for that i am thankfull. QwQ <3

AveryDoodles :iconaverydoodles: Okay you dickerdoodle. I just want to say thank you for multiple things. You helped me get sai. You are always an amazing freind to me and for that i am greatfull So I thank you for just being plain out awesome and amazing. <3

jessieiii :iconjessieiii: Okay jessie, like you, i will write a semi-long paragraph about how thankfull i am for you. Whenever you get on the discord it always makes me so happy because I know ill probably get to have a really nice conversation with you. You are jut one of those people that i could probably talk to for hours and never get bored. So for being a very interesting person, thanks. <3

ColdyButt :iconcoldybutt: Okay so molly, I want to thank you for being you. X'D . Your art is amazing and so many other things about you are too. I just want you to know that never stop drawing, and never stop being yourself. also hurry up on your half of our art trade!! XD jk take your time <3

Seoxys6 :iconseoxys6: Okay so seo, I dont talk to you that much but can i just say that you are amazing?!?? Like boi. Your art is amazing, you are very pretty, your community is great and yea! So just thank you for being awesome. QwQ <3

JenFruzz :iconjenfruzz: OKay so jen. Lemme tell you how crazy cool you are. From you entrances to just you in general you are amazing XD So I want to thank you for all of your crazy entrances, making me smile every time you come in the discord chat (like just now) and yea. <3

So those are all of my personal mentions!!! Ofc there are wayy more but i wouldnt have enough time in the world to write about everyone. I just want to say. THANK YOU ALL FOR 100+ WATCHERS!!!!!!!!!

<3 Love you all!!!


So this is some fanart for Falvie!! I wrote a message for them and its posted on my FA if you wanna read!~ Same username as here.

Art (C) me
oc (C) Falvie
Okay so This is Some GiftArt/Fanart/Art Trade with Heart-of-Moss ~~ i hope you like it!! I have been experimenting with bases lately and I used a base for this one!

art (C) me
Oc (C) Heart-of-Moss 
Base (C) @NarmicCreator
: Percy :
Okay so I was drawing The feferi Drown drawing and I decided to post a pic on the discord! VesselofEve Said that I should draw their oc percy because the colors match with the ocean so yea! Hope you like it!! VesselofEve 

Art (C) me
Oc (C) VesselofEve 
(s) Feferi Drown
Okay So I had this awesome idea! So the story of this piece is that feferi was fighting (random thing here) And her gills and fins got ripped out! The monster that she was fighting eventually threw her into the water where she couldnt breathe (because her gills were ripped out) So yea! The monster also killed some lusii because why not XD. That is all! I was inspired by a piece by AquaSixio Because of the water falling stuff :3.

Art (C) me
Homestuck (C) Hussie



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Reggie-the-nerd Featured By Owner Edited Mar 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Excuse me, but the did you recolor the avatar I made?

I would appreciate it if you gave me some sort of credit or at least tell me you're going to use it. I do not however like to have my work stolen or recolored. I hope you understand.
FandomTopia Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Okay credit has been given! It's in my bio :3
FandomTopia Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Yes I did in fact re-color it. I forgot to give credit so I'll do that in my bio! Thanks for reminding me and it's an awesome icon btw :3
Reggie-the-nerd Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah thank you! wink grin 
TacoNoobGamer Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhhh tysm for the points ad the watch :D
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Thanks for the watch!!!
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ERMAGAWD dA what the fook--I remember watching you ages ago! *nostril flare*

This is unacceptable. *hammers Watch button* STAY.
FandomTopia Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Student Digital Artist
SilverSugar Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Like, seriously, I am so sick of the Watch button borking out like that! I watched you since we first met--I was wondering why I didn't see your stuff in my inbox when I knew you were making art! Gyah!
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